Pool Equipment Upkeep & Repair

Pool Equipment Upkeep & Repair

Pool Equipment Service and Repair

Swimming pool equipment can be intimidating, especially if you’re a first time pool owner.  Not properly maintaining your pool equipment can also lead to costly repairs and a filthy pool.  That’s why the experts at Arizona Pool Services educate our customers while inspecting and maintaining your pumps, filters, and other pool equipment during every visit!. We make sure that you know exactly what condition your swimming pool equipment is in and how to keep it running at its best for as cheap as possible.  Surprisingly not all pool cleaning services help you maintain your pool equipment.  They simply clean the pool and leave!

Higher Quality at Lower Prices

What would you think if your dentist cleaned your teeth, but neglected to mention a cavity?  What would you think if your plumber unclogged your drain, but neglected to mention a leak?  You wouldn’t be happy when you called to with a toothache or a flooded house.  Not to mention how much more it costs to deal with the problem after it becomes a problem.  So why does the average pool cleaning service simply skim the pool, drop in some chlorine, and take your money?  Anyone can do that!

The Best Pool Service Company

At Arizona Pool Services we take pride in our quality of service and the quality of your pool.  That’s why at every visit we inspect all of your pool equipment, let you know about any potential problems, recommend the right products, and answer all of your questions in addition to cleaning your pool.  And we guarantee to do it all for less than any other pool cleaning service will charge just to clean your pool.

If your swimming pool equipment is in need of repairs don’t worry.  Our expert technicians can fix any pool equipment related problem.  If you need new pool equipment such as a pump, filters, or anything else then we can teach you how to use it in addition to installing it for you.  Arizona Pool Services provides every pool related service from design and installation to maintenance, repairs and education.

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The price for Arizona Pool Services depends on the type, size, and condition of your pool.
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