Saltwater Pool Maintenance

Saltwater Pool Maintenance

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One of the primary benefits of saltwater pools is that saltwater pool systems are easier on the eyes, skin, and clothes. Many people assume that salt in the water would be irritating to the sensitive areas of the body, but in actuality the high levels of chlorine typically found in freshwater pools is far more abrasive. Not only are saltwater pools less harsh on the body, they are easier and cheaper to maintain.

Saltwater pool systems are equipped with a chlorine generator, so most of the purifying water treatment is handled automatically. Freshwater pool systems must be shocked and treated often with a variety of harsh chemicals. The chlorine, algaecides and stabilizers are hazardous. Not storing the chemicals properly and mishandling them sends thousands of people to the emergency room each year.

In addition to the health risks and inconvenience of dealing with pool treatment chemicals comes the expense. Chlorinator refills in freshwater pool systems cost over fifty dollars each time. Maintaining a saltwater pool is far less expensive because saltwater pool systems do not need to be chlorinated or chemically treated. Over time the savings are significant.

Full Service Saltwater Pool Cleaning:

While saltwater pools do require less maintenance than a freshwater pool they do still require a minimal amount of maintenance. And like any other pool system misuse and neglect can both lead to unwanted side effects including costly repairs. The professionals at Arizona Pool Services are trained and equipped to handle the specific needs of a saltwater pool system. We will vacuum, brush, scrub, and remove any algae, viruses, or bacteria that may be growing in your pool. We can also teach you how to maintain your saltwater pool and educate you on the appropriate products for a saltwater pool system.

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